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Vickery Creek Capital Management

(678) 387-1818

Vickery Creek was created by Jack Parsons, in May 2009. Jack has been a registered investment adviser serving his clients since March 1997. Jack was most recently with Merrill Lynch for nine of those years.

The company is named "Vickery Creek", after the Vickery Creek section of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, in historic Roswell, Georgia.  Vickery Creek stands out to Jack as a place of natural beauty in the middle of a busy metropolitan area. For over thirty years, it has been a place where Jack could spend time clearing his head - by brainstorming new ideas or reviewing personal and business priorities. Vickery Creek continues to be a place where people can spend time enjoying the outdoors even while leading a sometimes stressful metropolitan lifestyle.

Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services provides clearing and custody services to Vickery Creek.  Working with Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services gives Vickery Creek access to a wide range of products and services that can help us serve the needs of our clients.

Additional services available to Vickery Creek clients:

     Guaranteed Income Planning  

     Trustee Services 

     Restricted Stock Executive Services 

     Charitable Planning Consultation 

     Estate Planning

     Tax Planning

Jack and his team bring clarity of thinking, creativity, and focus to the management of Vickery Creek Capital Management, LLC.

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